Windsurfing: Catch The Wind and Ride!

Summer: Windsurfing is a great sport and as surprising as this sounds is one that can be enjoyed without lots of practice or lots of strength. The beauty of windsurfing is the wind does all the work for you and it width of a “lake board” makes it stable enough for even the young ones to give it a try. The most challenging thing in the sport of windsurfing is not so much balance as getting going or maneuvering what is called the “uphaul”. This is the way you lift the sail out of the water while standing on the surf board. The sail is lifted out of the water with an uphaul line and once you have the sail out and grab the boom it is free sailing from there. Your speed is determined by the wind and how you handle the sail. As you skim across the water the thrill of moving along is fun and exhilarating. Steering is done by moving the sail forward and backward and when you are done and ready to stop it is as simple as dropping the sail. Windsurfing equipment can be rented at marina’s that rent boats and equipment. So this summer try something new and go out and see what the thrill is all about with windsurfing.