Washburn-Norlands Living History Center: Where History Comes Alive

Summer, Spring, Fall: Ever wonder what life was truly like living in rural Maine in the early 19th century? Well, you will certainly have a better understanding after visiting the Washburn-Norland Living History Center & Museum in Livermore. This is a great place for the whole family to experience and interactive history lesson. Visitors can participate in the daily chores of running a farm in addition to becoming involved in the social, political and educational activities of the times.Special events are held throughout the year which cater to all ages. There are tours of the grounds which include the Washburn mansion, the library and meeting house. You can bake cookies in the old kitchen, collect eggs, take an Ox ride or help feed the farm animals. Visitors will find reinactments of true farm living with actors in full, authentic garb. One can get lost in what life was like in this valuable history lesson. So take a trip to the Washburn-Norland Living History Center and get immersed in 19th century farm life…it will make you appreciate all the ammenities we have today.