Tourmaline: Maine’s Precious Stone

Fall,Winter,Spring & Spring: They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but, if you live in Maine it just may be tourmaline. The beautiful greens and pinks of this gemstone can be seen on display at Perham’s Jewelry store in West Paris. A local shop that is filled with local gems and minerals. These gemstones and minerals are hand-cut right on sight and what a sight it is. The quality, color and beauty of these stones is enough to take your breath away. They also have a mineral museum which gives visitors an education of the minerals that are mined right in the Western Maine area. Mineral and gem specimens have been collected by the family since 1919 and many are on display in the museum. In addition to the jewelry store and museum there is also mineral shop which is a mecca for mineral enthusiasts and the curious,a delight for all ages. Perham’s is worth the trip even if you go just to window shop.