Snowmobiling In Rangley: Trail Riding At It’s Best!

Winter: Rangeley Lakes is a mecca for snowmobilers. With miles of groomed trails, a beautiful lake to cruise on and along and so many amenities gear toward snowmobilers it is the place to go. The trail systems is by far one of the best maintained in the entire state. Cruising along the lake with views of the mountains makes for some of the most scenic riding around. Many of the area restaurants, pubs and overnight accomodations are all found trailside so there is no need to drive anything but, your sled once you are there. Saddleback mountain is along the trail system so if you really wanted to go and ski for the day it would be possible. Rangeley is part of the Black Fly Loop which connects several northern towns to this trail system. The rides is comfortable and most importantly beautiful. The wildlife along the trail is amazing, it is not unheard of to come up on a herd of deer or a moose. On one trip there were even black bears in the distance. Though it is a popular destination for snowmobilers you still feel like you are alone and at times it is miles before you come across another party on the trails. If you are looking for some open air adventure than a trip to Rangeley may be just what you need.