Sleigh Rides: Sleigh Bells Ring…Can You Hear Them!

Winter: Sleigh bells ring…can you hear them? If snowmobiling and skiing is not your thing and you are looking for a fun winter activity that you can literally sit back and enjoy then take a sleigh ride! A sleigh ride whether through the woods or through the city is a great way to enjoy some fresh winter air and some wonderful scenery. A Sleigh Ride is relaxing. If you decide to go make sure you follow some basic rules, first, it’s winter and you’ll be outside, so dress to stay warm. Warm clothes clothes are a must and dressing in layers is even better. So a few tips: wear a warm jacket, snow pants, face protector, hat, mittens and don’t forget about keeping your feet warm with insulated boots and warm socks. All this will make a difference especially since you won’t be moving around to keep the circulation flowing. You may want to take lap blankets which will also help keep you warm and cozy during your ride then sit back and enjoy. Can you hear those sleigh bells?