Poland Springs: It’s More Than Just Pure Water

Fall,Winter,Spring & Summer: Water and history, two things that can take a small town in Maine and make it a household name. Poland Springs is home to the legendary Poland Spring Hotel, and the world-renown Poland Spring Water, which transformed a scenic western Maine town into a state and national landmark. Unlike what most think, Poland Springs is only 35 mile north of Maine’s largest city and it is worth a visit to explore. Famous for it’s natural spring, the first documented sale of Poland Spring water happened in the mid 1800’s and has continued through present day. Poland Springs is also home to the Maine State Building and the All Souls Chapel which have become a part of our national heritage. The All Souls Chapel, erected on the very top of the hill at the Poland Spring estate, has a fabulous view and has been the setting for many weddings. The beauty and history of the town of Poland Springs is a great reason to make it a “to do” on your list.