Mountain Biking: Sandy Loop In Jackman

Fall: With cooler weather here now is the perfect time to enjoy a mountain bike ride through some of the most scenic parts of Maine. The Sandy Loop bike trail just outside of Jackman offers visitors an easy ride with scenery that will take your breath away especially during the fall. The trail consist of mostly unpaved double-wide road with some paved stretches. Riders of all levels can manage this loop providing you are relatively fit. Because it is located close to the “Falls” area you will be able to enjoy the the sparkling views of the rivers, lakes and streams as well as the mountains. The loop is approximately seven miles long and and at the end of the loop there is a perfect picnic stop. This scenic stop-off is located right where Sandy Stream drops 15 feet to create a small waterfall. It is a perfect activity on a fall weekend. If you are spending some time in the area combine your mountain bike experience with a canoe trip on the world reknowned Moose River Bow Trip, water route beginning and ending on Attean Lake. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be glad you made the trip to the Jackman area.