Moose River Run: Jackman’s Winter Dog Sledding Competition

Winter: Winter in Jackman, it can last until the flowers come up. If you are looking for a unique winter activity then you should take a drive to Jackman, host of the Moose River Run and the Northeast Championship sled dog races in January. Snow arrives early so it’s easy to provide some great trail conditions! There is plenty of space to park for racers and spectators. Dog teams from all over the US come to Jackman to participate, pulling everything from traditional wooden sleds to high speed, lightweight sleds. Dog sledding is a family oriented sport with all ages involved from the young to the old all working as a team together with the dogs. Watching these dog sled teams and the mushers interact during the races is very special. The excitement begins to build amongst racers and observers while the mushers hook up their dogs, get them to the start line, and watch them take off!You can feel the energy of the dogs and the mushers as everyone cheers them in as they cross the finish line. Why not try something new and take some time this winter to watch these amazing races held annually in Jackman.