Maine Vacation: Plan Your Own & Do What You Want To Do!

Summer; Need a vacation? You’ve come to the right state, we are known as vacationland for a good reason. Don’t worry about the economy; you can enjoy Maine without spending a fortune! There are so many great places to see and so many things to do you will be amazed. Camping in some of Maine’s prettiest spots can cost you little to nothing. Whether you decide to camp lakeside, oceanside or deep in the Maine woods there are great places to stay. The Poland Spring Campground is one of these great places to stay at with plenty of things to do. Located on Lower Range Pond you will find this campground full of natural beauty including a bald eagle habitat that can be seen from the swimming area of the campground. Rates are cheap enough that a weekend camping trip will cost you about $50, which is much cheaper than a hotel stay. While you are there you can enjoy some of the things to do in the area including the Poland Springs Water Company. There you can take a tour of Maine’s most famous water bottling facility and see the source of the purest water around. Another great thing to do is visit the Poland Mining Camps where you can mine for your own pegmatite minerals. You will be amazed at the gems you can discover beryl, garnet, quartz & tourmaline just to name a few. It’s a fun way to spend the day outside and their rates are reasonable. With five lakes in the area, you can see why this town has been a resort destination for over 20 years. Taking a Maine vacation doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive, plan what you want to do and just show up and have fun!