Ice Fishing: Flags Up!

Winter: There seems to be a sub-culture of dedicated ice fisherman out there. These are the folks that can barely wait for the ice to freeze over in order to get out there. Along the shores of the Kennebec in the Randolph area you will find rows of ice shanties all grouped together like a commune. The art of ice fishing is fairly simple, all you need an auger or something to drill through the ice with, traps, bait, an ice scooper and a bucket to put your catch in. Part of the appeal of ice fishing is the comrade that is involved in it. Some people take their ice shanties very seriously decking them out with satellite, woodstoves and many modern amenities of home. Once you drop your traps into the holes you just need to sit tight and watch for the flags to fly so being comfortable is important especially in the freezing cold temperatures.