Guided Tours: Exploring Maine With True Experts

Fall & Winter: One of the most informative and individualized ways of touring the Maine wilderness is alongside a trained Maine Guide. These professionals are known for their many outdoor skills and abilitly to navigate their way through some of the deepest parts of the wilderness. Maine Guides have been used by travelers for over one hundred years. There are Maine Guides available for winter trips throughout Maine and, if you prefer backwoods travel in an area that you have not explored before, that would be the way to go. Mahoosuc Guide Service is just the place to start. They offer guided day and overnight dog sled trips. They use authetic Yukon huskies for these dog sled trips and attending one requires no prior experience just an open mind and a willingness to have fun. Another guide business, Omniventures offers guided snow shoeing, cross country ski tours as well as ice climbing adventures. So why not start planning now a real Maine adventure with real outdoor experts, Maine Guides.