Grafton Notch State Park: Enjoy The Scenic Waterfalls

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall: Located on the edge of the Mahoosuc Mountain range Grafton Notch State Park reveals the relentless nature of water and the effect a river has on this rugged landscape. Located just North of Sunday River Ski Resort, Grafton Notch was carved by the power of the rushing waters of the Bear River. The park is comprised of three thousand rugged acres along the river, and is a great place to view the work water has done over time. There are multiple falls and cataracts to view along the well maintained trails including Moose Cave Gorge, Mother Walker Falls, and Screw Auger Falls. In addition to the falls, the Park provides access to easy scenic dayhikes, and serves as a trailhead for backpacking trips along the Appalacian Trail. The area can also be accessed in winter by snowmobile on the ITS trails. Regardless of the season a visit here is sure to refresh and rejuvinate hikers, with the fresh air, smell of pine and peace and quiet.