Flagstaff Lake: A Paddlers Delight

Summer: If you own a kayak or canoe and are looking for a beautiful place to spend a day you should visit Flagstaff Lake. This is one of the best spots in Maine to observe the natural beauty and wildlife of this state. There are moose, bear, hawks all of which you will catch glimpses of while venturing around the lake. The lake is just north of the base of the Bigelow Mountain Range which adds to beautiful scenery making this trip an unforgettable experience.The best place to put your boat in is at the boat launch off Route 27. If you enjoy camping there are several spots along the shore of the lake that you could pick from. The swimming is perfect, cool, clear water which warms up nicely by June. Make sure you bring your fishing rod, there are plenty of fish to choose from with some great deep hole fishing spots. The lake can get rough and winds can pick up quickly so make sure you come prepared to handle all weather conditions. Overall, this is a great trip and Flagstaff Lake is a gem among the many lakes to choose from in Maine.