Corn Mazes: Explore An A-Mazing Time This Fall!

Fall: October is the month for corn mazes and with some great ones here in Maine to choose from you will discover what the fun is all about. Harvest Hill Farms has themed corn mazes each year and this year is sure to please with a pirate treasure adventure. The farm offers a maze filled with game stations, clues and pictures to help you find your way. Each stop helps you discover which twist and turn to take to get you out of the maze madness. If you want to add some excitement to your corn maze adventure, plan on going on a Friday when the maze is open at night but, don’t forget to pack a flashlight and be prepared for some spooky fun! Around the state there are other great corn mazes to check out, Ricker Hill Orchard in Turner, allows maze goers to go through the corn maze as many times as you would like. Thunder Road Farm in Corinna has an 8 acre corn maze with the theme Red Sox Nation for this year’s maze explorers. They also have two separate mazes one that is designed for adults which is longer and more challenging and one designed specifically for kids. On Halloween evening the farm offers a haunted maze experience that is sure to thrill and chill all explorers. Zack’s Corn Maze in York is Southern Maine’s hotspot! Visitors will be transported to the corn fields via a 20 minute hayride. The maze is cut on 17 acres of the farms cornfields. Plan on spending some time there, as it will definitely take you a while to find your way through the maze madness. Zack’s is less than 10 miles off 95 so it is easy to get to and sure to be tons of fun. With fall here, corn mazes are open and ready for you to explore!