York Zoo: Exotic Animals And Amusement For The Family

Spring, Summer, Fall: York’s Wild Kingdom and Amusement park is the perfect place for families. The zoo features beautiful and exotic animals that are from all around the world like Zebras, Monkeys, Kangaroos and more. People of all ages will love all the zoo has to offer. The wildlife kingdom also features a petting zoo for children that would like to pet and feed the harmless animals. After visiting the zoo and grabbing a hearty lunch at one of the restaurants located in the facility, travel over to the Amusement section of the park. Even though it may be tempting not to leave the zoo because of all the amazing and foreign wildlife, travel over to the ride section of the park. This section of the park features many rides that will fit everyone in your family and it this section of the park also has an 18 hole mini golf course! Whatever you choose to do at York’s Wild Kingdom and Amusement park, you can’t go wrong.

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