Wildlife: Just Seeing Things Is Fun To Do (Whales, Moose, Eagles, Seals etc.)

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall: In a state like Maine you will find so much natural and undisturbed beauty and wildlife if you know where to look. Many folks travel to Maine to see a moose. Believe it or not, you don’t need to travel too far across the border to have a close encounter with one of these amazing creatures. Travel down any one of Maine’s back roads through the Eliot and South Berwick area and you just may run into one. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready! There are definitely parts of the state that have greater populations such as the Moosehead Lakes region and the Rangley Lakes region but, really a casual drive down Route 9 between Wells and Kennebunk may just be the place to have your first Maine moose encounter. Another thing people come to Maine for is to spot a whale along the miles of Maine’s wonderful coastline. Why pay top dollar to go on a whale watch cruise when you can spot one of these amazing creatures from the rocks overlooking Frenchman’s Bay. Find your spot, bring a pair of binoculars and settle in for a wonderful and awe inspiring afternoon of whale watching. You will have better luck if you are there during the summer months as this is when they come closer to shore to feed. After spending some time observing the whales in Frenchman’s Bay head over to Mount Desert Island and make your way to Seal Harbor. Head over to Seal Harbor Beach where on the rocks it is not unlikely to see seals basking in the afternoon sun. Maine also has bald eagles which are a national treasure and protected asset of this country. You can get a birds eye view of one if you head to Freeport and hike into Wolfe’s Neck state park. Along the hiking trails plan to spend some time sitting on the rocks overlooking the water where you will find nest along the shore high in the trees where you can observe these majestic creatures take flight. There are plenty of places to spot some of Maine’s amazing wildlife. Just get in the car and drive!