Surfing, Boogie Boarding, and Skim Boarding: Catch a Wave in Maine!

Maine is a great place to get your feet wet by surfing, boogie boarding, or skim boarding on the coast. Maine’s coastline offers miles of sandy beaches that are extremely conducive to your surfer side. Even though Maine’s ocean water does not heat up to Hawaii and Florida like temperatures, the water is enjoyable and refreshing all summer long and is hottest in the summer months of July and August when water temps often hover in the high 70’s. Maine is a great place to surf because of the respectably large waves created from offshore storms and large tides. Maine’s beaches and rock structures create ideal places for waves, and the York, Higgins, and Scarborough beaches are all popular places to catch waves. If surfing isn’t for you, try boogie boarding! Boogie boarding is a fun way to ride a wave without having to have to stand up on top of the board. Boogie boards are inexpensive and great for all members of the family. Another fun and inexpensive way to catch a wave is to go skim boarding. Skim boarding is very popular in Maine because of the sandy beaches the coastline offers. Skim boarding is a great activity for the entire family including children because it is safe and fun. As the wave travels in, the skim boarder waits for the wave to finally collapse and then kicks off from the sand and rides the last part of the wave closest to the beach while standing up and maintaining balance. Some of my fondest memories as a child were going with my friends to the beach and buying skim boards before our day began. We couldn’t get enough of it and you and your kids will love it as well! If you don’t own a surf board, boogie board, or skim board, stop into Aquaholics, located in Kennebunk for all of your surfing needs, including rentals and lessons. If you are not interested in surfing yourself, be sure to go for a walk on the beach to watch surfers from all over the country show off their skills in Maine’s waters.