Kennebunkport, Maine: Cheap Thrills In A Rich Town

Spring, Summer & Fall: Kennebunkport is known for big ocean front homes, the Bush family and lots of tourist. How can you explore and enjoy this town without breaking the bank? You just need to know where to go! First there are a ton of places to get overpriced lobster in Kennebunkport, now let’s think about it, are you paying for the lobster or the room you are sitting in? Don’t get trapped! Head over to Port Lobster Co. where you can get twin lobsters, steamers, coleslaw and two cold beer for right around $35, now that is a deal! You can also get a killer lobster roll and all their food can be taken out so you can go sit on the beach and enjoy you lobster without any crowds and no wait. After grabbing a bite to eat find your way to Dock Square and head down Ocean Avenue for a wonderful ocean front walk. Not only will you enjoy the amazing views of Kennebunkport Harbor and the cold Atlantic but, you will also get a birds-eye view of the ocean front “cottages” including the Bush compound. After your ocean front jaunt, head back to town and depending on the weather cool off with an ice cream or warm up with a hot cup of coffee. Either way, be sure to make your way to the benches that look out over the harbor and spend some time watching the boats go in and out of the harbor. Another great way to enjoy Kennebunkport without spending any money is to check out one of the surrounding beaches. With miles of pristine sand beaches and waves crashing to the shore you will love spending the day just relaxing and just enjoying yourself for free! You can enjoy Kennebunkport without spending much money and still finding plenty to do!