Forcing Bulbs: Enjoying Springtime Blooms In The Winter

Winter: There is nothing that I enjoy more during the cold months of winter than to see a little spring around my house. I’m really not picky, whether it be from the big blooms during the Christmas season of a fiery red Amaryllis or the delicate blooms of Paper Whites or Daffodils. Forcing bulbs is not hard and is a great way to enjoy some of the beauty of nature inside. The simplest way to force bulbs is to get small container to grow them in and fill it with a little soil or small pebble sized stones. Place the bulbs into the soil or stones with the pointed end facing up and cover them with what is remaining and water well. Literally from that point on other than watering daily it is just a matter of waiting for Mother Nature to do her magic. In no time, you will be enjoying a little spring inside your home even on the coldest days of winter. Enjoy!