Flea Markets: Indoor, Outdoor, Hunt For Bargains!

Summer, Spring & Fall: There is something about flea markets that attract people in search of bargains. You never know what you may find and that is half the fun. You can usually find flea markets filled with off priced items that are sometimes seconds or salvage items as well as antique scattered amongst many other items. If you travel up Route 1 along the coast you will usually come across an outside flea market with vendors offering their wares. One such place is Cascade Flea Market on Route 1 in Scarborough. It is right on the corner of 1 and the road that leads you into Old Orchard Beach. There you will find a field of tables lined with everything from dishes, to jewelry to knock off Louis Vuitton bags. It’s fun to just browse through the tables to see what you will find. Most of the vendors come back every year but, there are some new ones offering great bargains for all the eager shoppers. Another place to stop is on Route 1 in Newcastle at Foster’s Flea Market. This is actually Foster’s Antique Auction hall which means that most of the items for sale here are the results of an estate sale. You will find some off priced antiques that may have slight damage but, the prices are great and a small chip on the bottom of a Fiesta plate may not be a big deal to you. Flea Markets are a great place to spend a rainy afternoon at one of the great year round indoor markets. Brunswick offers a huge indoor site at the Waterfront Flea Market on Maine Street and Route 201. Flea Markets are fun to visit and you never know just what you may find so take some time to check them this summer.