Brick Store Museum: History In The Heart Of Kennebunk

Fall,Winter,Spring & Summer: The Brick Store Museum was once a dry goods store in the early 1800’s and is located in the heart of Kennebunk’s historic district. Now, this beautifully restored store now is is a cultural and artistic center for the area. With a wonderful collection of local fine and decorative arts this museum is more than meets the eye. The museum offers visitors the inside story of the area’s sea faring history. It houses over 70,000 artifacts that range from quilts to to the largest collection of World War I & II posters that would impress any history enthusiast. The building itself was built in the early 1800’s by one of the town’s wealthiest citizens at the time. If you are planning a trip to visit Kennebunk stop into this treasure of the community. There are on-going workshops and events every month so check out the calendar and make a trip to the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk, you’ll be glad you did.