Berry Picking: Red, Black Or Blue – Pick Berries Just For You!

Summer: Blueberry Pie, strawberry shortcake, blackberry jam nothing says summer like fresh berries and all the delectablegoodies that go along with it. Berry picking season is here, and there are plenty of places for you to find to pick your own or buy them pre-picked. In the southern half of the state check out Blueberry Hills Farm in York County. There you will find acres of high bush blueberries, fresh, ripe and ready for enjoying either straight off the bush or in your favorite recipe. Looking for some of the best red raspberries in Maine? With three different varieties, head to northern Maine and stop in at Mac’s Best Produce in Aroostook County. Blackberries are so delicious and Kings Farm in Wilton has them bursting off the bushes so pick enough to freeze and enjoy throughout the winter months. I love making a blackberry sauce to enjoy over pancakes, yum! Strawberries are red, ripe and ready to be enjoyed this time of year. If you don’t feel like picking them yourself head over to one of the farmers markets happening in your town and pick up a quart or two of any variety of these native berries. How ever you decide to get them just make a point of enjoying the fruits of this season’s harvest. Red, black or blue, pick berries just for you!