Whale Watching: Close Encounter, Awesome Experience

Summer: There is something about being on a boat in the fresh salt air of the ocean that makes people appreciate this world. The ocean holds many secrets that we don’t always understand and some of the most beautiful scenes is seeing a whale crest the surface of the water. Suddenly, you realize how small we really are and how awesome these creatures are. Whale watching tours can be found at many of Maine’s ocean towns. Boothbay Harbor has many tours that will take visitors out on day tours in search of these gentle giants. Many of the cruises guarantee sightings or offer refunds. Whale watching is very exciting and you never know which types of whales you may encounter from humpbacks, minkes, finbacks to even dolphins and porpoises. Whale watching is very exciting but, you need to make sure that you take along a few items to make the best of your time. First, if you tend to get motion sick you will want to make sure that you take either a motion sick medication or invest in a pair of “sea band”. Sea Bands are wrist bands that rest on a pressure point on your wrist that actually prevents motion sickness. Another thing you definitely want to bring is your camera. You will also want to bring binoculars if you have a pair, sunscreen, sunglasses and a sweater or sweatshirt because the breeze can be cool while you are out on the boat. I highly recommend going on a whale watch if you have never gone. It is truly an experience you will remember, so enjoy!