Vinalhaven: A Haven in the Mid-Coast Area

Summer: Vinalhaven is a short ferry ride out of Rockland Harbor and once you arrive on the island you will see why Mainer’s have called it home for generations. The lobster boats fill the harbor as you arrive on the docks and the picturesque town is welcoming and friendly. The island has several parks and conservation areas to visit. Lane’s Island Preserve is owned by the Nature Conservancy and offers wonderful views of the bay, fields and bluffs. If you are interested in hiking around the island you may want to check out Middle Mountain Town Park where serious hikers will find the Indian Ladder/Fox Rocks Trails. If you want to enjoy some cool, fresh water swimming visiting the granite quarry at Sunset Rock is perfect.There are a few restaurants on the island if you get hungry and a few shops if you are interested in spending some time in town. It’s always fun to bring your bikes over on the ferry and explore the island.Vinalhaven is a great place to stay for a night but, you need to make sure you have advance reservations. The ferry service is run on a first come first serve basis so it’s good to check out the schedule ahead of time and arrive early. Unless you plan on staying for more than a couple nights a car is not necessary because getting around the island is easier on foot or bike. So next time you are in the mid-coast area be sure to check out Vinalhaven.