The Strand Theater: Entertaining Rockland Since 1923

Fall,Winter,Spring & Summer: Rockland’s one and only movie theater is the historic Strand Theater located in the heart of this sea side town. The Strand first opened it’s doors in the early 20’s and has been “reeling” out the movies ever since. Opening it’s doors during the height of the silent movie era, Wild Irish Rose was one of the first films which made it’s debut there. the theather was built within 6 weeks following a devastating fire that cleared out four block of Rockland’s downtown. The Strand is a classic art deco theater with the brick and tile facade that was typical during the mid 20’s. The interior underwent a massive restoration in 2004-05 and today, guest enjoy the original charm of this historic theater. The Strand offers movie goers a host of independent and world cinema, documentary and classic films. If your in Rockland make time to catch a flick at the historic Strand Cinema.