Seafood Tasting Tour: The Freshest Fun Thing To Do, All Around You!

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter: Nothing says Maine better than the freshest seafood enjoyed whatever way you like it. Why pay top dollar for this bountiful delicacy. If you are searching for some great seafood look no further than your local fish market and your own kitchen. You can make an excellent lobster stew for very little cost. Most fish markets practically give away the lobster bodies opting for only the claws and tail meat that is sold by the pound. If you go in and ask for the bodies you would be shocked at how much meat you can pick out of them and the last time I purchased some I paid only $2.00 for twelve bodies. After spending some time picking them, I had enough meat to make a very hearty lobster stew that was better than any restaurant around. Another great deal is Maine shrimp. You will find roadside vendors selling these jewels of the sea all along Route 1. I just saw a sign in Wiscasset where one truck had them for $1.00 per pound and they are worth every penny! Shrimp scampi, shrimp cocktail you name it you can have it and cheap! Okay so if you don’t feel like doing the cooking yourself then you can definitely find some deals, you just need to know where to look. If you are in Freeport, check out Cindy’s where you will probably find the best fried clams around, the best haddock chowder and the largest purest lobster roll in the area. The place doesn’t look like much but, the food is out of this world and the prices are reasonable. Another great place to get some seafood that is worth the money is Five Islands Lobster Company in Georgetown. Right off the boat fresh lobster with outdoor seating right on the water, can’t get much more authentic than this place. The prices are right and the food is even better. So spend some time engaging in your own seafood tasting tour this summer. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!