Saltwater Taffy: Discover A Real Seaside Souvenier

Summer & Fall: Saltwater taffy is a delicious sweet and chewy treat that can be found in most seaside towns. Although its name includes the words saltwater, actual ocean water is not part of its ingredients. If you have never tried or seen salt water taffy being made than the next time you are Boothbay Harbor be sure to stop by the candy store in the middle of town next to the bowling alley. You can walk up to the window’s store front and watch as the pastel colored taffy being pulled and stretched into smooth saltwater taffy ready to be cut wrapped and packages. You can purchase the saltwater taffy right at the outside window along with homemade fudge which is cut off the slab right before you and let me say, is out of this world. Saltwater taffy is actually a treat that we would pick up whenever we visited Boothbay or Bar Harbor. I remember as a child up wrapping these pastel colored delicacies and sinking my teeth into them. The flavors were great from peanut butter to lemon although bubblegum was always my favorite. So the next time you are visiting one of Maine’s great coastal towns, forget about the lobster magnets and lighthouse t-shirts, and make sure you pick up some delicious saltwater taffy and enjoy!