Puffin Watches: Discover These Colorful, Clown-Like Creatures

Summer: People love puffins, maybe it is their colorful coats or perhaps their comical ways but, puffins are highly sought after and loved. If you love puffins or are just curious about what all the craze is about than you should go on a puffin cruise. The Hardy Boat Cruise line out of New Harbor offers some great encounters with these colorful creatures. The cruise goes through Eastern Egg Rock which is the breeding ground for these clown like birds. Along the way it is not uncommon to have whales, seals and porpoises give guest a show. The cruise is narrated which is interesting considering the history of these cute little creatures. Almost wiped out of existence in the early 1800’s Puffins are now protected and this preserve is quite a show from April to August which is during their breeding season. If you are in the Bar Harbor area there are trips to Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge which also host a huge colony of Atlantic Puffins. People fall in love with Puffins after seeing them in their natural habitats so check them out and go on a Puffin watch this summer and see what the fuss is all about.