Pottery: Unique, Hand-Crafted Works Of Art

Spring, Summer & Fall: There is something about hand crafted items that appeals to people. Perhaps it is the knowledge that someone took the time and creativity to bring their craft to fruition. Pottery has always been a popular art form and with such great galleries in the state it’s hard to know where to go to find quality pieces where function and form become a perfect combination. If you are in the mid-coast area two great places to stop is Georgetown Potters and Edgecomb Potters. These studios produce some of the finest pieces of pottery in the state. Edgecomb Potters literally puts this small mid-coast town as a stop for most who enjoy pottery and are traveling through the area. The studio is a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors with wonderful displays of pottery that show off their ability to mix specialize glazes and colors creating unique color patterns on each piece. In addition to pottery they also have a wonder collection of glass pieces and jewelry all hand-crafted. I love the set of the gallery. A large deck provides a great show space for their pottery collection and catches visitors eyes from the parking lot. Inside, one is surrounded by light and space. The space is filled with wonderful pieces of art in all colors with enough pieces to appeal to anyone’s taste. Another great stop while you are in the area is Georgetown Potters. This place is known for it’s famous Ikebanas vases. These vases are the perfect way to enjoy simplistic flower arrangements and definitely make a statement. In addition, they have a wonderful collection of whimsical “Maine” themed patterns that grace these sturdy pieces of pottery. Go explore the Mid-Coast area and discover these two wonderful pottery shops. They make excellent gift items for any occasion.