Norumbega Inn: Camden’s Castle By The Sea

Fall: Why not spend a fall weekend in the beautiful coastal town of Camden in a real castle. The Norumbega Inn is like a medevil castle set in the middle of a quaint New England town. Although it stand in direct contrast to the cottage style mansions in it’s midst it is beautiful with its stone facade, midnight-blue trim, and towering turret. Suprisingly it has a warm and cozy atmosphere inside with lots of nooks and crannies that make guest feel welcomed. The inn offers 13 unique and beautifully appointed guest rooms. The setting is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. As the fall wind blows outside against the stone walls, enjoy the ambience of your room lit with sconces that throw warm light and a fireplace that makes the setting even more perfect. In the main dining room you will find the sideboard stocked with hot beverages and inn-made cookies. It’s a great way to spend a long weekend with that someone special and Camden is a quaint seaside town perfect for the fall season.