New England Clambakes: Lobster Cooked The Old Fashion Way

Summer: Looking for an authentic way to enjoy a Maine lobster? How about a traditional style New England clambake? A trip to the shore will help you gather all the materials you will need. First, start by collecting some sea water and seaweed. You need to keep the seaweed fresh so a large container to hold both items will work perfectly. Next you need to gather smooth, rounded stones which will be used to distribute the heat of the fire evenly to ensure the perfect temperature for cooking your fare.Once you have gathered all your items start by digging a fire pit. Place your stones in the center of your wood fire and let the fire burn until the coals and stones are glowing hot. Next a layer of seaweed should be placed over the stones followed by your lobsters, clams and mussels. Place another layer of seaweed and add your corn on the cob, potatoes and any other root vegetables you want to enjoy. Followed by a final layer of seaweed. You need a covering which can consist of a piece of canvas or burlap sacks used for potatoes. Dump the sea water over your covering to ensure it is dreached. This will provide the steam needed to cook your food. Allow for several of hours of cook time to ensure the food is cooked to perfection. Remove the covering and seaweed and viola! fresh seafood cooked right in your back yard or even on the beach.If this sounds like too much you may want to make a trip to Boothbay and catch the Argo (ferry boat) to Cabbage Island Clambakes where old fashion clambakes have been enjoyed by visitors for over 50 years. Either way, this is a geat “To Do” that your whole family will enjoy!