Nelson Nature Perserve: Bird Watching Fun

Summer,Spring & Fall: If you are a bird watchers you may already know about Nelson Nature Preserve. It’s home to some of the more elusive specimens such as the thrush family and woodpeckers. Located 1 mile outside of the coastal town of Friendship, this 95 acre preserve is a bird watchers paradise. There are trails throughout the preserve that give bird watchers the perfect view of these birds. Bird watchers know that is perserve is a hotspot because of it’s mixed landscape of dense forest to swamp lands fronting the Goose River. Based on the landscape and the proximity to the coast it is also the perfect spot to view warblers, especially in the spring. After spend some time in the coastal town of Friendship. Even though it’s a very small town, it does have it’s own museum. It offers Indian Artifacts, Historical Information, as well as Information on the Friendship Sloops.