Lobster: Adopt Your Own Trap And Enjoy A Taste Of Maine!

Summer: Want a way to have fresh lobster at your finger tips year round? Why not adopt a Maine lobster trap! That’s correct, you can adopt your own Maine lobster trap for a set price and reap the rewards of lobsters year round. This is a great way to enjoy these crustaceans and a fun way to share in the taste of Maine. Part of this program allows for trap owners to be able to monitor their trap on-line and whatever is caught in the trap belongs to you or whoever you would like to share with. Most of the lobster companies providing this service will ship the lobsters overnight wherever and to whomever you want them to go! What a great way to enjoy fresh Maine lobster that you can share with your friends and family!! The program known as “catch a piece of Maine” guarantees at least 48 lobsters a year which would be a nice gift to all the people on your gift list! This is also a great gift idea for weddings, retirements and any other special occasion you can think of. Once you get your lobsters, the sky is the limit on how you serve them. I like to steam them in just a tiny bit of water and a beer. I find the meat is more flavorful than boiling it in a full pot of water. Serve the lobster along with some grilled corn in the husk and a bucket of steamers and you have yourself a real Maine meal fit for a king! Summer is all about Maine lobster so adopt your own trap today and sit back and enjoy the fruit of someone else’s labor!