Islesboro: A Simple Way Of Life

Summer: Islesboro is a year round island community located just off Lincolnville Beach. This island is also a summer haven for some of Hollywood’s famous like Kirstie Alley and John Travolta. A trip to the island can be made by hopping on the ferry leaves which leaves from the pier at the end of Lincolnville Beach throughout the day. Once on the island visitors can enjoy one of the many beaches on the 14 mile stretch of land. Islesboro is also home to Grindle Point Lighthouse and the Sailors’ Memorial Museum located in the former keepers’ house. If you bring your kayak along make sure you check out Warren Island State Park. It is a great camping area that can only be accessed by boat. The island is pretty self contained and does have a couple of small markets where goods can be purchased but, if you plan on camping for more than a couple days I would suggest you stock up on supplies on the mainland.