Islands: Come Visit Maine’s Island Getaways

Summer: It always amazes me whenever I go to Peaks Island how lucky we are in Maine to have communities like this and how they thrive year round. The trip from the Casco Bay Ferry terminal is only a 10 minute ride, but something transforming happens once you set foot on the island. It is as if you are entering a protected world and the island has a certain appeal that keeps people returning year after year. Peaks Island is an easy island to explore. If you don’t want to take your car on the ferry, which I recommend you don’t, you can discover quite a bit on foot or you can rent a bike and ride around for the day enjoying all the sights the island has to offer. Another great visit is Monhegan Island which is 10 miles off the coast in the Mid-coast area. Known as an artist haven, this island offers quiet reprieve from the busy days we all face. The island is a scenic wonderland and if you don’t have your own boat, there is the ferry and several private charter companies that will bring you there. Seguin Island is also a fun destination. Located in the mid-coast area just outside of Georgetown, Seguin Island features a lighthouse that was commissioned by George Washington in 1795. The island is a day stop in your boat so pack a picnic lunch and a blanket and go enjoy the island, the lighthouse and the views that go from Pemaquid Point to Mount Washington. It’s a wonderful place to spend the day with family and friends. The coast of Maine is spotted with islands and exploring them can be fun and exciting, you never know what you will discover.