Foraging The Forest: Searching For Decorating Treasures

Fall: This is the time of year when the bittersweet is in full bloom. This vine loves to attach itself to trees and low growing bushes and you can’t miss it in the woods. The bright red, orange and yellow berries are the perfect blend of fall colors. Bittersweet is a perfect decorating element to add to your fall decor. I often use it to make natural wreaths that are hung on doors or anywhere in your home. The way this viney plant grows, you can form a perfect circle with sprays time of year looking for pine cones for holiday decorating. Considering this is the pinecone state there usually is no shortage. They are plentiful and easy to find now before the trees start shedding their leaves. I use pinecones for both decorating wreaths and even just gathering them in a tall glass vase and setting them on the mantle and table for a unique centerpiece. You never know what you may spot along the way during a walk through the woods in the fall.