Clay Play: You Are The Artist

Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring: Looking for a way to express your creative side? Maybe you don’t think you are creative and you need to just spark the flame…then you should visit Clay Play. At Clay Play, At Clay Play you are the artist, but no experience or talent is required. From mugs, vases, and dinnerware to frames, gifts, and figurines, they stock over 200 bisque pieces, plus hundreds of stamps, stencils, and idea sheets to inspire you. Every piece is ready for you to decorate in whatever style you choose. The fun is you don’t have to be an artist because anything goes. The process is simple, you pick out your piece of pottery, choose your colors, paint your piece and then they fire it and glaze it. You get the piece to keep and your creative juices are flowing. They offer an open studio with no appointments necessary and you can book the studio space for special event. So why not get in touch with your creative side and visit Clay Play…the kids love it too!