Clamming: Dig Up Delectable Treasures On The New Meadows

Spring,Summer & Fall: Maine and seafood are synonymous. This area is known for its bountiful variety of fresh seafood and clams are a well loved part of it. Did you know, you can dig your own clams? It’s actually a fun way to enjoy these delicious delicacies and a great work out at the same time. The biggest question that people often have when they find out you can dig your own is how do I get started. The most important thing is to make sure you have the appropriate license. Depending on where you are, each town in Maine has their own license requirements. One thing that is consistent across the board is a license is required and there are both resident and non-resident recreational licenses, which vary in price and length of validity. The place to get a license is through the town hall at the town clerk’s office. Once you have the appropriate license you will need to follow the rules about where you can and can’t clam as well as size requirement (all clams must be 2” in diameter). A great place to go clamming if you find yourself in Brunswick is along the banks of the New Meadows River. At low tide, you will find the mud flats along Thomas Point Beach busy with fellow “clamers”. In terms of equipment you should have rubber boots, rubber gloves, a 5 gallon pail and possibly a mud rake (this is a special clamming rake). I have been told that the pros actually use a plunger which uncovers clams very efficiently. The mud flats can be tricky to maneuver in but, once you make your way out to them start looking for the small holes in the mud which indicate there is a clam below. Start digging or plunging, it’s a lot of work but, worth every morsel!