Boothbay Harbor: Tour The Burnt Island Ligthouse

Spring, Summer, Fall: No trip to the Boothbay Harbor region would be complete without visiting the nearby Burnt Island Lighthouse and living History Museum. Purchased by the Maine Dept. of Marine Resources in 1998 the site was converted into a Living History Museum and modeled to depict life on a lighthouse during the 1950’s. The museum’s hosts dress in period clothing and lead interpretive and educational three hour tours daily. Taking part in these tours offers a glimpse into the lives and history of Maine Island lighthouse keepers and their family lives. Learn about local plants, animals, and fisheries and there importance in Maine’s economy. Visitors to Burnt Island can also enjoy picnicing, swimming, or fishing for Striped Bass of the islands rocky coast. Daytripping to the island is made easy by multiple ferry services from mainland to island. For the more adventurous the island is accessible by sea kayak when the tide and weather allows for safe passage. A visit to Burnt Island Lighthouse will make you feel you’ve gone back to another time.