Boothbay Harbor: Go See A Puffin

Summer: To avid birdwatchers, the Puffin is a must see. You know, they are the black and white birds with orange feet and orange multi colored noses. They are cute little things that somewhat resemble penguins. Anyway, kids love them and if you are in Boothbay Harbor you are in “puffin country”. Your best chance of seeing a puffin will be by boat. There are several Puffin tour boats in and around Boothbay Harbor that do seal watching, whale watching and Puffin watching cruises. Puffins are typically found from eastern Maine to Newfoundland and Iceland and Ireland. So, if you are in Maine and within close proximity to the Boothbay Harbor region and looking for a fun day or half day trip consider venturing out to find a Puffin.