Animal Farms: Get Dirty On A Maine Farm

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter : Most people don’t think of Maine as “farm country” but, you would be surprised at how many working farms we have in our beautiful state. One way to spend a day on an animal farm and see what goes on behind the scene is to visit one of Maine’s family working farms. In Rockport there is a great farm that you can do just this called Aldermere Farm. You will know you are close because as you approach the farm you will begin to see pastures filled with the most unusual cows called belted galloways. If you have never seen one these cows look as if they have a white band that that goes completely around the middle section of their bodies. The farm is a wonderful place to visit besides seeing these distinguished bovine. This farm offers a big variety of season tours and programs. Another great animal farm to visit is Blueberry Hills Farm in Jefferson. They have a whole range of animals from cattle, Shetland ponies, pigs, goats and chickens. They also have some of the finest fresh organic produce and even produce their own syrup by tapping their maples each spring. The apple orchards are always busy in the fall so year round you will find something going on at this family run farm. Many of the working farms in Maine also double as bed and breakfasts so you can literally stay and “play” for however long your heart desires. Check out these great animal farms where you really can become part of the action.