A Real Maine Adventure: Reny’s Discount Store

Fall,Winter,Spring & Summer: Reny’s discount store is a real “Maine Adventure”. If you have never been there to do some real shopping there is no better time than the present especially with the holidays right around the corner! For locals Reny’s is right up there with blueberry pie and lobster, it’s like a Maine staple. You never know just what you may find and you are always sure to find whatever it may be at a discount price which makes it that much sweeter. Reny’s was one of the first stores to offer the famous Early Bird sale in November. You can find anything there from home goods to Carharts and with stores from Bath to Wells you probably won’t have to drive far to get there. This chain of discount stores is owned and operated by a Maine family that believed in the value of the dollar and thought that offering brand name merchandise at discount prices may be a smart venture. Almost 60 years later and still going strong, I think they may be on to something.