Witches Footprint: Could A Curse Come True?

Fall: Looking for something spooky to do this Halloween? Take a trip to Bucksport cemetery found right off the main street area. The cemetary is easy to find and the gravestone is just inside a wrought-iron fence. Look for the tall, gray tombstone of Col. Jonathan Buck. If you examine the gravestone closely you will find that on one side of the tomb is the dark image of a woman’s stocking foot. Legend has it that it is a reminder of an 18th-century curse placed on him. Buck an important member of the community and one that lent his name to the town decided that this small town should purge itself of all witches. This was at the height of the witch trials that were going on throughout New England. So in this effort he found a perfect candidate in an old, feeble woman, whom he had tried, convicted, and executed. As legend would have it with her last dying breath, she cursed the colonel and declared that when he died his tomb would bear the print of her foot as evidence of her murder. Soon after his death, the shape of a woman’s foot gradually began to appear on the marker. Many attempts to have it removed, but with no success and after three attempts to replace the marker all efforts were ceased. Today and three stones later and footprint remain for all the world to see.