Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village: A Call To Simple Living

Summer, Spring, Fall: A trip to Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village invites visitors to appreciate the art of simple living. Being the only active Shaker Community in the world visitors are offered a unique perspective of life as a Shaker both past and present. Visitors can take a guided tour of the premises which includes a museum, first organized in 1931 in hopes of educating the public to the “truths” about Shakerism. The Shaker Library houses text from their origins to present day. There is also the Shaker Store where you can purchase books, Shaker-made goods, handicrafts, baskets and a wide variety of both culinary and medicinal herbs grown on-site. With over 200 years of Shaker heritage one cannot help but feel as if they have just stepped back in time.Throughout the year the village offers various events from making floorcloths to chair caning. This unique village which is situated on 1800 acres of gorgeous farmland is definitely worth the trip. When you leave you can definitely feel the spirit of the Shakers and see their belief of “putting our hands to work and hearts to God” in action.