Richmond: Swan Island

Spring, Summer, Fall:This 4-mile long state owned island sits at the northern most end of Merrymeeting Bay. While exploring the bay keep an eye out for bald eagles the area has the largest concentrations of nesting eagles in the state. During the spring and fall the migration of waterfowl along the Atlantic flyway stop here to rest their wings. This is a great time to visit Swan Island. Species such as Canadian geese, goldeneye and pintail can be seen frolicing in Merrymeeting Bay. The Bay encompases roughly 4500 square acres, however most of the shoreline is privately owned making access an issue. The state’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife offer a motorboat shuttle from Richmond to the island between May 1 and Labor Day. The day use fee is 5.00 per adult and 3.50 per child.