Halloween Decorating: A Scarecrow Isn’t Just For The Birds!

Fall: Fall and halloween go hand and hand so why not do a fun family project that is sure to add to your Halloween decor. Making a scarecrow is a simple, fun family project and a great way to get rid of some of those fall leaves. First you need to find some old clothes and begin to assemble your scarecrow. Tie the ends of the pants and sleeves on the shirt and stuff them with your choice of stuffing, we always use leaves. Stuff the socks and gloves and tie on the ends. Next you will want to fasten the socks and gloves to the pants and shirt. You can either do this with a safety pin or anything else that you can find that will hole them in place. Tuck the shirt into the pants and tie a rope around the waist for a belt. You can make your own head out a an old pillow case or you can used a hallowed out jack-o-lantern which looks real festive. Top the head off with a straw hat and your scarecrow is ready go! You can sit your scarecrow on hay bales, or prop him up in a chair. Now, give your scarecrow a name and enjoy!