Covered Bridges: Maines Protected Treasures

Summer,Spring,Winter,Fall: Taking a tour of Maine’s covered bridges will bring you around the state. From Sunday River to Porter you will find these old charms still standing strong surviving years of weather and use. Probably the most photographed and painted is the “Artist Bridge” in Newry just north of Sunday River. This bridge is over 140 years old and still carried daily traffic right up until 1958 but, the 87 foot stucture still remains today. Roby Bridge in Corinth is the only completely shingle covered bridge in the state and has been carrying local traffic today since 1857. Hemlock Bridge located in Fryeburg is another 100 year plus bridge is a must see when you are up in the Saco River area. With only eight original covered bridges remaining in the state out of what once totaled 120, you should take some time to check them out. These bridges give us a peak into history and their construction into the ingenuity of our forefathers.