Augusta: Visiting Maine’s Capital

Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall: A drive to Augusta, Maine’s capital is worth the trip. The Maine State House is a majestic structure built in the early 1800’s using one of the state’s plentiful resources, Maine granite. The entire parcel that the State house sits on consist of 34 acre. With Capital Park extending from the front steps of the capital building to the banks of the Kennebec River. The dome of the capital building is home to the statue known as Minerva. She is a draped female figure of Wisdom, made of copper and overlaid with gold. The State House is home to the Maine Senate and Legistlature. Each branch occupies the South and North wings of the building with the Governor’s office being at the Hall of Flags in the center of the building. Next time you are in Augusta take make a stop at the State Capital building and take a tour of the inside of this historic structure.