White Water Rafting: Paddle Hard

Spring, Summer, Fall: Maine is well known for its beautiful, clear rivers with thick evergreen forests surrounding them. Maine’s rivers offer some of the best whitewater rafting in the nation. Of the four rivers in Maine that are commercially run, the Penobscot ranks highest in difficulty with class IV and V Rapids. The river varies in character from long lake like deadwaters to huge falls like Nesowadnehunk Falls. The river also runs through a steep narrow gorge and includes the Class V rapids of Exterminator and the Cribworks. This is the ultimate river in Maine for thrillseekers, minimun age recommendation is 16. The Penobscot is not the only river you can raft on though, there are other rivers such as the Dead River and the Kennebec River which both offer superb rafting. White water rafting has been known as Maine’s premier family oriented sport and will surely not let your family down! Click here for all relevant info.

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