The Northern Lights: Nature’s Light Show

Winter: The Northern Lights or also known as aurura borelais is a natural phenomenon which can be seen in the skies over Maine a couple of times a year. Typically this happens during the coldest months of the winter. The best way to spot these beautifully colored streaks of light is to wait for a dark, cloudless winter night and find a place away from the light reflections of your city or town that you live in. The northern lights show up in greenish colored light patterns which makes them easy to distinguish from just regular clouds. You need to be facing the norhtern sky (hence the name, the Northern Lights) to see this wonder of nature. If you have never taken the opportunity to indulge in this unique occurence then you should try to make a go of it at least once in your lifetime, you will be amazed at the sense of awe it will stir in you.